Power Transformer

We design and manufacture Dry-Type and Oil-Immersed transformers, made of high-grade core, bound with coil that is insulated with Nomex, Thermex, FG Tape; and enclosed in either BI or GI sheets glossed to withstand high temperature.

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Welding Machine

We manufacture heavy duty welding machines of various sizes and capacity, specially designed and customized for industrial and construction purposes.

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We fabricate enclosures and casings made out of the highest-quality BI and GI sheets, customized according to your specific dimensions and functions.

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Electrical Materials

For our patron’s convenience, we import and supply LA/Fuse Cut Out, Pole Line Materials, elbow connectors, etc.

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Panel Boards

According to your specifications, we make sure that the electrical installations that you do have the corresponding panel board. We supply you with Schneider, the most reliable brand in the country.

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Automatic Transfer (ATS) and Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)

We provide reliable compact assemblies or switches safe enough for transferring essential loads and for your stand by/emergency power system.

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